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    Tips -

    How to get here-

    Airport- Liberia, Guanacaste .

    American Airlines offer direct international flights out of Miami, it’s about 3 hours flight.

    We can arrange drivers upon your request. The charge is around $150 to pick you up from the airport. It’s about 2 hours drive to get here.

    You will have a fun ride.


    Question : Is there a set menu?

    Answer : There is no set menu to honor the purpose authenticity of practice.
    We provide 3 meals a day, all freshly prepared Ayurvedic style; using variety of grains, legumes, beans, fresh fruits & vegetables, all made using fresh herbs & light spices. Chicken, Eggs & Fish are available as well.
    We recommend vegetarian or Vegan food for healing & cleansing purposes.

    Question : What is the pricing?

    Answer : Please email us for pricing at sima@naturallysima.com

    Question : Is there a schedule?

    Answer : Yes, we do have a basic scheduling. Please keep in mind all our rituals & ceremonies are mostly outdoor with the intention to create a deeper connection to nature. Our timing changes due to the weather condition.
    However our intention for a morning meditation is at 7 am to 7:30am
    Breakfast- 8:30am
    Lunch- 12:30 pm
    Dinner- 6:30pm
    Evening Rituals- 7:30pm
    A gentle reminder to keep an open mind for this surrender experience. Magic happens when you believe in it. Practice of Trusting the Universe in you.

    Disclosure -

    Our team has worked hard to keep this site simple and as authentic as possible, for that very purpose we have used our phone captured pictures & videos. However we also did share a few things we liked from others, hope you enjoy too. Everything shared is what I live by, this is my practice of a grateful life. Thank you for your interest.

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