"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”
—Albert Einstein

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Practice of gratitude.Retreat spaces Playa Negra

I would like to start this retreat with a grateful heart for the land of Costa Rica & it’s wonderful people. I am grateful to Rita and Sunny for offering me their 7 ocean front suites to host my retreat. I am beyond grateful to my daughter & Boo for their countless sacrifices. I am also grateful for all my family members, friends and clients for their unconditional love and support. This is to honor all the souls that has inspired me to follow my heart.

Stress retreats Playa Negra

Private Suite

“My intention is to hold a sacred space for those who are ready to practice a journey of higher self”.

We come to this sacred space together for the purpose of connection to self on a deeper level. A sacred space is a place of peace and tranquillity, somewhere to let the stress and worries simply fade away…..

In these 7 days you will be practicing positive thinking, observing your own mind and you will be journaling your experiences. You will also be participating in several different ancient healing rituals & ceremonial practices. You will be invited to immerse yourself in sacred living water. You will be guided through the sound of mantras and meditations. This is extremely healing to bring mind body spirit into an alignment. Every step of this process is intentional to bring inner harmony including foods, drinks, rituals & your space. Sound bath, horse back riding & other excursions are offered but not included in the package.

 Meditation retreats Playa Negra

Property View

The Property-

The property is located on a magical beach with coconut trees & lava rocks. It is known as one of the most beautiful, beaches in the world, with emerald green crystal clear water full of life, everywhere.

To get there you drive through a nacked golden earthy road surrounded by teeca woods, right a way this journey saparetes you from all the noise of the past. This beach offers many activities from horse back riding to surfing & it’s famous for snorkeling.

Healing retreats Playa Negra

Private Suite 2

Our Private Suites -

The property has 7 ocean front Units - 3 on the ground floor, 3 on the second floor with a balcony and 1 free standing Cabin. All have the same amenities which are 1 queen bed sleeps 1-2 Guests, bathrooms, full kitchen, 4 burner stove top & oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, blender, rice cooker, pots/ pans, serving & cooking utensils, plates, drinking glasses & coffee cups, pretty much everything one needs.. plus clean drinking water, A/C, WiFi, TV, screen doors and windows, inside & outside dining, towels and sheets.

Self love retreats Playa Negra

Mashed Pumpkin

Our Sacred Food -

At the very heart of Sacred Food is the desire to reconnect people to nature, in the way choices are made, food is prepared and most importantly of all how it is savoured and enjoyed. These days, it is all too easy to disconnect from the way in which food reaches our table. Respect and appreciation should always be fundamental in the choices we make. There are traditions all over the world that recognizes and honor such sacredness. Our foods are prepared fresh with love & intention using all clean ingredients.

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Retreat spaces Playa Negra

Beach Ceremony

Cacao & Magic Tea Ceremony-

A cacao ceremony is an ancient sacred tradition to open up the heart chakra. It means relating with cacao with gratitude, intention, and reciprocity. Cacao is a teacher that is skilled at helping us reconnect with our own hearts, tend our relationships, and walk through life purposefully and guided by clear vision.

Cacao is not only an extraordinary medicine to open our heart chakras & to help us connect to our source, it also has many health benefits, such as aiding in heart, brain, and mental health and reducing inflammation within the body due to its antioxidant properties.

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Stress retreats Playa Negra

Our Friends

“In 7 days you will learn the art of manifestation & how to co-create your own destiny through self love & grounding”.

Serve your own heart, it will give you everything!!


In fact, the heart is the strongest source of our bio-electrical energy. It is 40-60% stronger than the electrical energy of the brain. And the incredible part is the heart's electrical energy is so powerful, it radiates beyond our skin and can be measured 3-4 feet outside our body in a 360-degree field.


I challenge your mind to surrender to your heart for 7 days!

Meditation retreats Playa Negra


Soundbath by Vesna Todorovic-

Introducing Sound Bath By Vesna Todorovic.

In her words- My name is Vesna Todorovic. I offer individual and group sound healing sessions. In my session I use Tibetan singing bowls as a main instruments and I use some other high vibrational instruments like koshi bells, calimba, hand pan and more. Tibetan singing bowls are known as one of the oldest ancient high vibrational instruments that are bringing into a balance our physical emotional and spiritual well-being. My session also includes few more different healing modalities. Tuning forks, aromatherapy, acupressure, tapping and shiatsu massage. These modalities are more presented in the individual sessions but they are included in a condensed time frame in the group
sessions as well.

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Future Retreat Dates-

1- 04/14/2024 To 04/20/2024

2- 04/22/2024 To 04/29/2024

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